1. Please read these competitions terms and conditions (“Terms”) carefully. These Terms apply to all persons entering the promotional competition (the “Competition”) conducted by Simba (Proprietary) Limited, situated at Clearwater Estate Office Park, Corner Atlas and Park road, Boksburg, 1459, Tel: 011 928 6000 (“Simba”) and facilitated by Simba’s marketing agency Stirfry Marketing and Promotions CC (collectively “Promoters”).

2. Instructions on how to enter this Competition and all prizes form part of these Terms. If you take part in this Competition, you agree to be bound by these Terms and accept that the Promoters decision is final and shall be made in the Promoters’ sole, absolute and unfettered discretion, and no correspondence will be entered into. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable in any form and in particular cannot be exchanged for cash.

3. The Competition is organized by the Promoters, and is open to all citizens and legal residents of South Africa (provided that the entrant is also a resident in South Africa at the time of winning and receiving any prize herein), and whom at the time of entering the Competition are over the age of 18 (eighteen) years, and are in possession of a valid South African Identity Document ( or necessary residency permission and sufficient proof of identification, in the case of residents) and in the case of the Main Prize Winner and all 3 (three) selected travel companions, must be in possession of a valid Passport (that is valid for at least 6 (six) months from the end of the travel dates), and must reside in South Africa. Persons that are excluded from entering the Competition include any person who is a director, member, partner, employee or agent of, or consultant (“Associates”) of the Promoters, Spar (Pty) Ltd and/or PepsiCo, or any other person who directly or indirectly controls, is employed by or is controlled by Promoters, and/or immediate family members of Associates, who are indirectly or directly connected to or employed by any party in the aforementioned capacities or relationships, their advertising agencies, manufacturers, distributors or bottlers of beverages/products identified by the trademarks owned by or licensed to PepsiCo Inc. and its affiliates (“Disqualified Persons”).

4. The Competition will run from 05 November 2018 at 00:01 and will end on 13 January 2019 at 00:00 (“Competition Duration” or “Promotional Period”).


5. ENTRY MECHANIC: To stand a chance of winning the 1 (one) Main Prize or 1 (one) of the 40 (forty) Instant Prizes (See below):

Entrants must:

• Purchase any 2 (two) x participating products, namely Simba 200 g (All variants), Lay’s 125 g (All variants) and Doritos 150 g (All variants), (“Participating Products”) from any of the participating Spar Group stores in South Africa, including SPAR, SUPERSPAR, KWIKSPAR, SPAR EXPRESS and SPAR SAVEMOR stores, and keep the till slip OR invoice as proof of purchase for a period of at least 3 (three) months after the Competition closes – in the case of winners.

• Dial *120*88082# on their mobile phone and follow the prompts (which includes entering the 4 (four) digit till slip number (in the case of SPAR, SUPERSPAR, KWIKSPAR, SPAR EXPRESS stores) or invoice number (SPAR SAVEMOR stores), which can be found on the till slip number (in the case of SPAR, SUPERSPAR, KWIKSPAR, SPAR EXPRESS stores) or invoice number (in the case of SPAR SAVEMOR stores) with Participating Products to qualify for an entry into the Competition. The entrant must purchase 2 (two) x Participating Products in order to qualify for each and every entry in the Competition.

• USSD entry cost is 20c/20seconds. Mobile Service Provider conditions apply.

• Entrants will receive an SMS notification immediately after submitting the prompts, stating if they have won an instant prize or not. If they have won, a Simba representative will call them via the mobile number used to enter the Competition within 72 (seventy-two) hours to conduct a verification process prior to awarding any prize.

6. Free minutes and SMS bundles do not apply. Keep till slip/invoice as proof of purchase and note that No till slip number (SPAR, SUPERSPAR, KWIKSPAR, SPAR EXPRESS)or invoice number (SPAR SAVEMOR stores) can be used more than once. For purposes of awarding any prize under this promotional competition, the owner of the mobile number used to enter the promotional competition will be deemed the winner of the prize, irrespective of who purchased or entered the promotional competition. Entrants may enter as many times as they wish in order to increase their chance at winning a prize but no entrant will be awarded more than one Instant Prize for the duration of the promotional competition.


7. There are a total of 41 (forty one) prizes to be won with a combined retail value of approximately R683 800 (six hundred eighty three thousand eight hundred rand) including VAT; and entrants stand a chance to win 1(one) Main Prize and /or 40 (forty) instant prizes, listed below:

Instant Prizes

The instant prizes include the prizes below. The selection and awarding of the prizes including the prize options are at the Promoters’ sole choice and discretion and no correspondence shall be entered into in relation to the prize selection or award:

A) 1 (one) of 5 (five) mini Nano Beams of the Promoters’ choice to the approximate retail value of R6 000 (six thousand rand) each excluding VAT.


B) 1 (one) of 5 (five) 49” Smart TV’s of the Promoters’ choice to the approximate retail value of R12 500 (twelve thousand five hundred rand) each excluding VAT. The winner must be in possession of a valid South African television license and must be able to produce proof of such at collection / delivery of the prize. The annual South African television licence fee will be the sole responsibility of the winner.


C) 1 (one) of 5 (five) Google Home System of the Promoters’ choice to the approximate retail value of R3 000 (three thousand rand) each excluding VAT.


D) 1 (one) of 25 (twenty five) SPAR Shopping Vouchers to the value of R1 000 (One thousand rand) each
Main Prize
1 (one) Main prize that consists of an exclusive trip for 4 (four) to Miami to the combined approximate prize value of R 551 300 (five hundred fifty one thousand three hundred rand) excluding VAT.

The Main Prize consists of the following:

• Return transport for the winner and his/her companions in a transport plan, time and date and transport carrier on economy travel class of the Promoters’ choice, to the central meeting spot in Johannesburg (note no accommodation will be provided) if the winner and his/her companions reside outside Johannesburg, on the same travel itinerary. The winner is responsible for transport arrangements for himself/herself and all 3 (three) travel companions to and from his/her residence to the departure point in their respective locations; and

• If the winner and his/her 3 (three) companions reside in Johannesburg they will be responsible for their own transport arrangements to the central meeting spot determined and communicated by the Promoters, where they will then be driven in a limousine to OR Tambo International Airport; and

• A hamper value at R2 500 (two thousand five hundred rand) per person consisting of Simba product selection, selected Champagne and an embroidered (potentially branded) fashion Jacket per person; and

• Video and Still images of the winner and the companions on the day they leave for Miami will be taken by the Promoters and are compulsory; and

• Return transport for winner and his/her companions in a transport plan, time and date and transport carrier on Business travel class of the Promoters’ choice to Miami, USA; and

• 7 (seven) Nights’ accommodation at 5*(five star) Fonteinbleau Miami Beach hotel whereby the group (winner and companions) will share 2 (two) Deluxe rooms, with 2 (two) people per room, with an en-suite bathroom; and

• A Limo ride from Miami International Airport to 5* (five star) Fonteinbleau Miami Beach hotel; and

• A cash voucher in the amounts stated below to cover meal expenses:-

 Breakfast at R325 (three hundred and twenty five rand) a day per person (R325 x 4 x 7 = R9 100.00 (nine thousand one hundred rand));
 Lunch at R650 (six hundred and fifty rand)( a day per person (R650 x 4 x 7 = R18 200.00 (eighteen thousand two hundred rand));
 Dinner at R1 300 (one thousand three hundred rand) a day per person (R1 300 x 4 x 7 = R36 400.00 (thirty-six thousand four hundred rand)); and

• Spending Money for the entire trip at R10 000 (ten thousand rand only) per person (R10 000 x 4 – R40 000 (forty thousand rand) in total for the winner and all 3 (three) companions). The winner will be responsible for obtaining the necessary Forex/currency to be converted legally into US Dollars and for the payment of any tax or currency exchange costs.

• Arrangements will be made with the hotel concierge to book restaurants per day and for travel to the various activities.

• Excursions, as per selection prior to trip to the total value of R58 340 (fifty-eight thousand three hundred and forty rand) for all travellers, who must participate in the same excursion.

• Photographer at selected excursions at the Promoters’ discretion

• USA Visa costs at embassy in Johannesburg, South Africa to a maximum of R10 000 (ten thousand) including basic travel insurance for the winner and the 3 (three) companions. If the winner and the 3 (three) travel companions are required to submit and collect the visa applications in person they must ensure that they are immediately available upon notice by the Promoters. Costs of travel to and from the Embassy will be for winner and companions’ own expense.

Notification Process

8. Notification of winning an instant prize will be as follows: the winners will be notified via SMS instantaneously after successfully completed the USSD link after they have entered the Competition, confirming the winning of an instant Prize, subject to verification by the Promoters before Prize is awarded. All Competition entrants will be automatically entered into the Main Prize draw as stipulated in paragraph7 above.

• Promoters will conduct prize draws throughout the duration of the campaign for the Instant Prizes, and a Main Prize draw within 1 (one) month of the end of the Competition. Potential winners will be contacted by the Promoters within 72 (seventy-two) hours from the day that they are notified via SMS instantaneously after successfully completing the USSD link of their winning entry, on the mobile number used to enter the Competition, and entrants will be requested to provide the relevant documentation for audit verification purposes in compliance with these Terms, in order to be declared a final winner and claim the relevant prize.
• For the avoidance of doubt, the Promoters will conduct 10 (ten) random draws, at the end of the Competition Period, from the total list of valid entries received, to determine the possible Main Prize winner.
• Winners of the Main prize will only be able to redeem the prize in May 2019.

9. The Promoters will contact the possible winners on the mobile number used to submit the winning entry into the Competition and will conduct an audit verification process of the selected winning entry, (which includes but is not limited to entrants providing their proof of purchase of the Participating Products; which is a till slip number (SPAR, SUPERSPAR, KWIKSPAR, SPAR EXPRESS stores)or invoice number (SPAR SAVEMOR stores) or such alternative proof of purchase as may be acceptable to the Promoters at the Promoter’s sole and absolute discretion, together with a copy of Participants Identity Document and Proof of Residency, in order for a possible winner’s particular entry to be confirmed as valid. Once the verification process has been completed successfully, possible winners/participants will be declared as winners and notified as such on the mobile number used to submit the selected entry into the Competition, at the end of the Competition Duration. Once winners are declared as such, they will be notified by the Promoters how and when to collect the Prize and will then need to do anything necessary as directed by the Promoters in order to utilise the Prize.

Should winner(s) or potential winners of the Prize be unable for any reason whatsoever to supply the Promoter with all the necessary documents needed in compliance with any requirement contained in these Terms or consequence thereof, or be unable to timeously provide any requirements to enable the winner to fully and legally redeem and use any prize under this promotional competition, within 5 (five) days of a request from the Promoters, the winner or potential winner will be automatically deemed to have forfeited the prize and Promoters will be entitled to select a replacement winner in a similar manner as the first. No replacement or alternative prize will be awarded to the forfeiting winner or potential winner. Please note that no prize may be exchanged and that no cash will be transferred to winners for any reason whatsoever if winner cannot use the full prize.10. The Promoters will not be responsible for any other expenses which the winner and/or companion(s) may incur as a direct or indirect result or consequence of their acceptance and/or use of any Instant Prize and/or Main Prize whatsoever, whether foreseen or not.

Main Prize Award/Redemption

11. For the Main Prize, entrants whose entries have been drawn and have been confirmed as valid after the verification process, must be able to comply with all necessary requirements and be able to travel (together with their 3 companions) as part of the main prize at anytime in the month of May 2019 in order to qualify to be declared a winner, failing which the Promoters will be deemed to have forfeited the Prize and Promoter will disqualify the entrant and may randomly draw another entry/winner in the same manner as the first. Should the winner be unable to travel for any reason whatsoever the winner and all companions will not be able to utilise the Prize and it shall be forfeited at the Promoters’ discretion.

12. The Winner of the Main Prize and all three selected travel companions must be 18 (eighteen) years or older, and must be in possession of a valid Passport expiring after 31 December 2019 and with at least 6 (six) blank pages.

The handover ceremony (where applicable) will take place in the city or town of residence of the Winner, in South Africa on the date stipulated by the Promoter. The winner and his/her companions will thereafter be responsible for his /her to VISA application

The winner of the Main Prize must be able to travel to Johannesburg, and will be transported from the city or town in which they reside to Johannesburg on a transport plan, time and date, transport carrier on entry travel class of the Promoters’ choice which transport cost shall not exceed R5 000 (five thousand rand) if the winner resides outside the Johannesburg area.

13. Promoters are not obliged to award any other prizes or elements of the Instant or Main Prize, in lieu if any such event is cancelled, postponed, substituted, withdrawn, changed or unavailable for a reason beyond the Promoters reasonable control.

14. All the winners’ (instant and main prize) and/or their companions when redeeming the prize(s) names and pictures may be published on all the Promoters’ and SPAR (Pty) Ltd social media sites and company websites, and accordingly by participating in this Competition, all entrants are deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions of the social media sites of Facebook, Twitter, Promoters website, and of entrants mobile network service provider and entrants further allow the Promoters’ permission to publish his/her name and photograph on the Promoters’ Social Media pages. No fee shall be payable to the winner(s) or the companion(s) in this regard.

15. The winner and/or his/her companions (where applicable) may be required to appear on any form of media and/or social media, for which no fee will be payable, and subject to the provision that the winner and/or companions (where applicable) may at any time prior to such marketing appearance, decline the request by the Promoters to do so.

16. The copyright, intellectual property rights, image rights and any other rights vesting in any Competition footage, posts and photographs (whether depicting the winner and partner or not) shall remain the property of the Promoters, who reserve the right to use it in any way.

17. Any participant or partner of a winner, who transgresses any of these terms and conditions or who acts in any way contrary to the spirit of this Competition, or in a way which contravenes any law or who tries to undermine the accuracy or authenticity of the Competition or who intentionally aims to bring the Promoter and/or its brands into disrepute may be banned from entry into this competition, or into any other of the Promoter(s) or PepsiCo’s promotional competitions in the future, for a period deemed appropriate by Promoters management. Further, any participant who acts in manner that brings the Promoters name or brand into disrepute or who intentionally disparages the Promoters and/or their brands on social media or any other platform will forfeit the respective prize at the Promoters’ sole discretion.

18. Promoters reserve the right to cancel or amend or alter the Competition and its rules or prizes (not already awarded, to any other prize of comparable commercial value) at their own discretion at any time, if deemed necessary in their opinion and/or if circumstances arise outside of their control, without prior notice and no entrant shall have recourse for such cancellation or alteration. Any changes will be updated within the competition information or these terms and conditions shall become effective immediately after being altered or on such date as may be determined by Promoters and it is the entrants responsibility to keep updated on the contents of the Promotional Terms and Conditions. No participant shall have any recourse against Promoters as a result of the alterations of the competition Terms and Conditions / rules or prizes.

19. Entries which are unclear, illegible, or which are contrary to the spirit of the promotional competition, or that are submitted via an incorrect entry mechanism or contain errors or which are from Disqualified Persons, will be declared invalid. If the Promoters are unable to reach any entrant or complete the verification process after drawing his/her entry, for whatsoever reason, such entrant will be disqualified and the draw of a replacement entry shall take place in the same manner as the first draw.

20. The Promoters are not liable for any defect in the Prizes. All ancillary costs, including but not limited to transport, meals, personal and incidental expenses, insurance, government taxes or other fees applicable, are the responsibility of the winners, their partners and/or entrants.

21. All entrants and the winners as well as their partners, as the case may be, indemnify the Promoters, their advertising agencies, advisers, nominated agents, suppliers and Bottlers of beverages identified by the trademarks owned by or licensed to PepsiCo Inc., its affiliates and/or associated companies against any and all claims of any nature whatsoever arising out of and/or from their participation in any way howsoever in this Competition (including, as a result of any act or omission, whether as a result of negligence, misrepresentation, misconduct or otherwise on the part of the Promoters and/or use of the Prize(s)).

22. All entrants and participants are advised that in compliance with the laws of the countries in which the Promoters operate, the Promoters are required to retain certain information (where applicable) of participants, entrants and winners as well as their partners for a period of 3 (three) years (“Personal Information”). Such Personal Information to be retained by the Promoters includes (but is not limited to) the full names, identity numbers, contact details and winners acknowledgement of prize receipts. Accordingly the Promoters will require the winners and their partners (where applicable) to complete and submit an information disclosure agreement and indemnification to enable the Promoters to ensure compliance with these rules, as well as with the South African Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (“Consumer Act”). Should any entrant, participant and/or winner and/or their partner refuse or be unable to comply with this rule for any reason, such entrant, participant and/or winner and/or their partner will be deemed to have rejected the Prize(s) and it shall revert back to the Promoters.

23. All queries in connection with this promotional competition should be directed to the Promoter’s appointed agency, Stirfry Marketing and Promotions CC – Brett Owen direct line: 082 372 3186 or via E-mail : brett@stirfrymarketing.co.za

A copy of the competition rules is available and can be downloaded from www.simba.co.za, or www.facebook.com/SimbaChips, or www.facebook.com/DoritosSouthAfrica or www.facebook.com/LaysSouthAfrica

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